Standard Terms & Conditions of Service

Anchorage Margate Standard Terms & Conditions of Service
These conditions are necessary to ensure the well being of our valued Guests and the orderly continuance of the Establishment.

1. Reservations and Payment and Terms
1.1. The establishment operates on a self catering basis and does not provide or arrange other services such as meals, personal laundry, transport, tours, functions, events, parties, baby sitting, and conferences. We will however, on request endeavor to provide details of suppliers that should be able to provide these services directly to the guest.

1.2. The names and relationship of the persons sharing the unit must be provided when the reservation is made. Persons over the age of 12 years are classified as adults.

1.3. Reservations will not be confirmed until the booking form and proof of payment is provided to us at which time we will send a confirmation form with relevant reservation details to the guest.

1.4. Payment Terms/Cancellations: A 50% deposit is required to secure bookings. The balance can then be paid in cash on arrival if preferred, except for peak period bookings which are payable in full 30 days before arrival.

1.5. Cancellations
If cancelled or modified up to If cancelled by 30 or more DAYS before arrival date, 0% of the total price of the reservation will be charged and there will be 100% refunded.

If cancelled between 21 and 30 DAYS before arrival date, 25% of the total price of the reservation will be charged and there will be 75% refunded.

If cancelled between 14 and 21 DAYS before arrival date, 50% of the total price of the reservation will be charged and there will be 50% refunded.

If cancelled between 7 and 14 DAYS before arrival date, 75% of the total price of the reservation will be charged and there will be 25% refunded.

If cancelled in LESS 7 DAYS before arrival date, 100% of the total price of the reservation will be charged and there will be no refund.

1.5. Deposit Fees
Banking fees that are levied on cash or cheque deposits will be deducted from the refundable breakage deposit. EFT is the preferred method as there are no fees. If it must be a cash deposit do it at the ATM to reduce costs.

Quote totals will not be reduced should you be fewer guests than originally specified. Bookings that are being paid off monthly are non refundable.

1.5. Breakage Deposits
1.5.1 Refundable breakage deposit is R800 on the main house (QE1) and the cottage A12, and R500 on the other cottages. Refunds are processed within max 3 days of departure. No cash refunds will be issued on departure. Student/adults group rates/fees and conditions may differ and will be quoted separately.

1.6. Discounted rates will be revised should the duration of stay be decreased or interrupted or payment terms not be adhered to.

1.7. The guest retains personal liability for the bill until the employer, agent, or person that made the reservation on his or her behalf has settled it.

1.7.1. EFT is the preferred method of payment. We do not have credit card facilities nor do we accept cheques.

1.7.2. Rates are subject to change without notice. Quotations are valid for 24 hours unless otherwise specified. Subject to availability upon acceptance. In case of a double booking the payment that reflects in the bank account first will secure the accommodation and the later payment will be refunded in full.

1.8. Refunds on cancellations will only be made after payment has been finally cleared by the bank or Credit Card Company. This process can take in excess of 30 days.

2. Arrival and Departure
2.1. Check in time is between 14:00 and 20:00 unless prior arrangements have been made.

2.2. Check out time is by 10:30 unless prior arrangements have been made. This is to enable the room to be prepared in time for new arrivals. Late check outs may be charged for.

3. Parking and Access
3.1. Should you need to bring more than one vehicle per unit please do inquire about the availability of parking. One remote control and set of keys is provided per unit. The cost of replacement keys and remote control is R400.00. Rooms must be locked, windows closed and keys handed in to the caretaker prior to departure.

3.2. No visitors will be permitted without permission. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage.

3.3. Parking under carports is reserved for guests only. Guests may only park on their designated parking.

3.4. Guests to provide access to their own delivery services (e.g. take aways) using their gate remote control.

4. Service Hours
4.1. The office is contactable from 08:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 010:00 to 17:00 on weekends and public holidays. The caretakers after-hours contact number is 071 448 3993.

5. Security & Storage
5.1. Although the establishment takes reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of guests and their possessions guests retain final responsibility for their own safety and security. Keep units locked at all times and place valuables in the safe provided. Always leave safe open and unit locked on departure.

6. Braai/Entertainment Facilities and rules
6.1 Each unit has a private braai. Please do be considerate when it comes to noise levels. No loud music is permitted. No noise/shouting at the swimming pool or carpark before 8am or after 8pm. Do keep the pool gates closed at all times. Kids are allowed into the bunny hutch with adult supervision, please ensure the hutch door is secured properly when leaving.

6.2. No fireworks to be let off on or around the property.

7. Plumbing/Electrics
7.1. Please be considerate when it comes to the use of the plumbing and electrics. Kindly switch of most lights when not in a room and ensure the outside lights for your unit are switched off in the morning.

8. Smoking
8.1. Smoking is permitted on the veranda’s and in the gardens/outdoors. Kindly do not smoke in the units.

9. Loss or Damage to Establishment Property
9.1. The guest is liable for any loss or damages (excluding wear and tear) to the property of the establishment.

10. General Incapacity
10.1. The establishment cannot be held liable if any of the following events or conditions prevents us from fulfilling out obligation to guests. We will take all
reasonable steps to minimize disruption and discomfort to guests under these conditions.

10.1.1. Unanticipated interruption to the electricity, water, sewage to, from or on the guest house property.

10.1.2. Industrial action, civil uprising or criminal activity.

10.1.3. Fire, frost, flooding, subsidence or any other force major event.

11. Limit to Liability
The maximum liability of the establishment for any event or condition for which a guest may institute a claim is limited to the value of one day’s accommodation.
Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately should you observe or experience anything that does not meet your expectations.

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